Questions and Answers about Banh Cuon Ba Hanh Restaurant

Customers ask questions about food and recipe, ingredient of Banh Cuon Ba Hanh

Why is Banh Cuon Ba Hanh ‘s on offer fresh rice roll ?

> People are talking each other “Go to Thanh Tri to eat rice rolls.” Now we bring ‘Thanh Tri rice roll cake’ to the heart of Hanoi, in front of your house.

What’s the special about Ba Hanh’s Rice roll ?

> Artisans from Thanh Tri village make the cake.
Ba Hanh’s rice roll is made from handmade method, from grinding with stone mortar, chopping meat, mushoom, making the cake and decorating beautifully.
Ingredients are carefully checked and selected from the root to the top, ensuring fresh, safe, clean

Is Ba Hanh’s Rice roll delicious?

>Delicious meat, sweet from the core
No where has delicious rice roll like Ba Hanh’s rice roll, the traditional family passed on generations to generations, more than a century of accumulated experience and making the cake.

What are the processed foods as well as other restaurants or something more special?

> > Rice is grown in the Red River Delta
Mushroom, vegetables from clean farm outside the city of Hanoi
Pepper is from Binh Phuoc
Chicken eggs are from the country farm

People said that the cake made by the Hanh who comes from Thanh Tri village, is that right?

> That’s right. The cake is made by Mrs Hanh who is 67 years old with over 41 years experience. Go to Thanh Tri village, knock on the door, everyone knows Mrs Hanh.

Hown can Handmade Cake? Why not use machine to make it faster?

>Rice roll cake made by hand, must grind rice with stone mortar, grind by hand not as present grinding by machine. Powdered is smooth, not too thick and not diluted to ensure the cake is soft and tough. The flour isn’t sour because of grinding with handmade grinder, not add any additives, it is the special thing in Mrs Hanh’s rice roll.

What is the material that is selected in terms of technical level?

> We have surveyed, selected materials carefully and used at home to check the quality of the material. We guarantee that our material: CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN

Some restaurants you have to wait for a long time, so the cake in Mrs. Hanh’s rice roll restaurant customers have to wait a long time?

 > > Delicious cakes is very famous

Objectively massively dragged together

Pull on the trial cake Thanh Tri
A little wait for anything with delicious cake

Mrs.hanh’s rice roll serves delicious cake right on the spot, if you do not want to spend long time, just a call button (+84) 961 66 96 26, please make a reservation before you come to us. You can arrange and we serve you carèully. Or using our super cheap delivery service to bring your cake to your doorstep.

How about the ability to serve guests at the same time in the restaurant?

> 50-60 portions at the same time at Ba Hanh Banh Restaurant at 26B Tho Xuong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hano

Is the price high?

> Too good value for a cake: delicious, clean.

What time is it open? And what time is it closed?

> The restaurant is open daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

I am far away heard that Mrs Hanh’s rice roll is very attractive, consistent with delivery?

> In just 1 minute, open the phone, enter the number (+84) 961 66 96 26. We will deliver the delivery right after the cake is hot.

Can I order in advance?

> We work on the principle of ‘customer is king’ available to meet all requirements from customers. In order to serve you more attentive, please contact us before you arrive, whether only 1 person, 10 people or 100 people. If you come to the crowds, we would be very grateful if you could make a phone call to be able to prepare your seat and food as quickly as possible.

I am vegetarian, Mrs Hanh’s rice roll are vegetarian for vegetarians?

> Mrs Hanh’s rice roll is very pleased to serve vegetarian customers